Heeded alarms may have limited death in Ohio tornadoes

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An official called it "miraculous" that more people weren’t killed when tornadoes carved a path across Indiana and Ohio …

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Strong Memorial Day tornadoes that spun through Ohio and Indiana smashed homes and businesses and sent thousands of people cowering in basements and closets, but just a single death was reported.

Hospitals said as many as 130 people were injured after the tornadoes pounded communities in and around Dayton on Monday night amid a severe weather outbreak.

In hard-hit Celina (suh-LEYE’-nuh), site of the only Ohio fatality, Fire Chief Douglas Wolters cited alerts people received on their phones and extensive coverage by TV meteorologists ahead of the storm, giving residents a 10-minute warning.

Less than 24 hours later, a vicious storm tore through the Kansas City area, spawning more tornadoes that damaged homes and injured at least 12 people. Tornado warnings stretched as far east as New York City Tuesday night.

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