Gun owners find new outlets in the midst of a weakened NRA

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As the National Rifle Association’s troubles pile up, firearms owners are joining forces with an unlikely ally – gun control groups …

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Amid all the turmoil engulfing the National Rifle Association there’s one big question: Will it still be a force to be reckoned with in the 2020 presidential campaign?

Long viewed as the most powerful gun lobby in the world, the NRA has been facing internal and external battles over its operations and spending habits. Law enforcement authorities have launched probes that threaten its non-profit status and there has been a revolt among some of its members who question how donations are being spent, some vowing to pull back contributions until changes are made.

That’s left some wondering if the millions of dollars the NRA routinely pours into political campaigns will be seen in the 2020 elections. And if not — who will fill the void?

State-focused gun-rights groups and even gun-control groups say they’re ready to mobilize for 2020.

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