New Jersey and New York City are very close to each other, just separated by the Hudson River. Getting to the other side of the river may seem simple but if you look at Google Maps, the number of travel options may make you dizzy. Therefore, here is a guide showing you all the options to travel from New Jersey to New York City.

NJ Transit train lines
The NJ Transit train lines are the second busiest rail system in the United States so you will not have any trouble finding a train that goes from New Jersey to New York City. The 11 NJ transit lines cover almost all of Northern New Jersey and is cheap, reliable and comfortable. It only costs around $5-$16+, depending on where you are going.

You may have a driving license and like to drive to nearby states like myself. This may not be the cheapest option due to the $12 bridge tolls, but it is definitely a convenient option. As long as you avoid travelling during the peak hours, this can potentially be the quickest option and also the convenience of being able to drive around in New York City definitely outweighs the disadvantages of driving yourself. However, remember that the state-wide speed limit in New Jersey is 55mph. If you break the speed limit, you could get a hefty fine and if you fail to pay the fine, there could be further consequences. Here is a guide teaching you how you can pay your fine online at:

If you want to travel by Car but don’t want to drive yourself, you can always travel by Uber or Lyft. The cost of getting a cab can be $50 or more so you may want to  consider carpooling to save costs.

Path Train
The Path Train is a high speed, underground system that links New Jersey to both Lower and Midtown Manhattan. Just costing $2.75 per ride, this is definitely a good option if you are on a tight budget. 

The NY Waterway is another option for you to consider. The cost ranges from $9 to $20 which is not the cheapest but for some, the relaxing cruise is worth its price. Ferry riders can use 8 different terminals in Hoboken, Weehawken, Jersey City, Edgewater and New Jersey. If you are located near Hudson River, then this is not a bad option to pick.

NJ Transit bus
Depending on your location, taking the bus from and to the New York City Port Authority Terminal can be the cheapest option. Taking this option during peak hours can be very annoying but if you are travelling during off-peak hours and you want to save costs, then this is the option to go for, especially if you live near one of the bus routes.

Which option will you be picking during your next journey? Personally, I went with the Ferry because I enjoy the relaxing cruise journey.

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